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First Class Pillow Case for Etihad Airways
Myriad Hues
of Abu Dhabi…

The design of the First-class suit pillow case represents the rich cultural abundance of UAE. The tessellated triangles represent the natural beauty of sand dunes while the spectrum of colors talk of the effervescence of Abu Dhabi. Richer hues reflect how UAE has embraced the breeze of modernity over and above its world renowned opulent culture and heritage.

The Making

For lush and muted interiors of the First Class, micro fiber faux silk fabric with a rich sheen complemented the space best. The fabric gave pillow case the durability and functionality with the look and feel of silk thereby maximizing the value of the product while maintaining the essence of design

Sophisticated printing technology like sublimation was put to use to capture the spectrum of colors in their correct intensity and depth. The technique involved transfer of print from paper to fabric through heat transfer fusing.

A video clip delineating sublimation-the printing process